Bleeding Edge Series 1 Begoths 7 inch Belladonna Red EXCLUSIVE Figurine


Bleeding Edge Series Begoths 7 inch Belladonna Red EXCLUSIVE Figurine.


This is a 7 inch collectible vinyl Goth Figurine. Explore the many depths of the Gothic culture with Bleeding Edge Series 1!!! (This exclusive is rare and hard to find, and comes in a Series 2 Box) Whether you like Goth, Rock-a-billy, Cyber-Goth, or Lolita Goth, you must add these vinyl vixens to your collection! Bleeding Edge Goths figurines will capture your black little hearts. Take them home with you and embrace the underground subculture. These figures will knock you dead! So let the world know you're a Goth or simply on the Bleeding Edge of morbid fashion!

Each Figurine is entombed in it's own collector friendly window box. The box measures 10 inches in height, 7 inches in width, and 3 inches in depth. Each doll is sold separately.

Full Name: Antigua Belladonna Remorse
Pets: Python, "Fesbus"
Favorite colors: Jet black
Likes: Piercings, graveyards for picnics, crime scene photography collection
Dislikes: Saturday morning cartoons and kid shows

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