Bleeding Edge Series 8 Begoths 12 inch Silent Storm Figurine


Bleeding Edge Series 8 Begoths 12 inch Silent Storm Silver Screen Edition Figurine. This is a 12 inch collectible vinyl Goth Figurine. Bleeding Edge Goths proudly presents series 8. Bleeding Edge presents to you the glamorous Silver Screen edition, Series 8! There is a collectible bio card inside each box, varies by character. We have captured the essence of timeless beauty from the Silent Film era. A time when icons and legends were made. The era began in the early 1900's when the creative art of film acting relied on techniques such as facial expressions and body language so that the spectator would understand what the actor was trying to convey with no words. These silent films sirens will leave you speechless!

Series 8 pays tribute to the silver screen with a flare of elegance and Gothic couture. Whether you like Goth, Rock-a-billy, Cyber-Goth, or Lolita Goth, you must add these vinyl vixens to your collection! Bleeding Edge Goths figurines will capture your black little hearts. Take them home with you and embrace the underground subculture. These figures will knock you dead! So let the world know you're a Goth or simply on the Bleeding Edge of morbid fashion!

Each Figurine is entombed in it's own collector friendly window box. The box measures 14 inches in height, 8 1/2 inches in width, and 3 1/4 inches in depth. Each doll is sold separately.

Full name: Storm O. Misery
Pets: Chinchilla - "Louise"
Favorite color: Always black
Likes: TMC, talkies, popcorn with Junior Mints, sleeping during the day, watching movies and thunderstorms at midnight
Dislikes: TMZ (garbage TV)

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