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Dark Star Black Lace & Purple Velvet Romantic Gothic Fairy Dress


The dress is breathtakingly beautiful. The material is nice, the skirt contains a lot of layers which is indicative of good quality. It also has lots of extra details that really make is shine. The lacing does alloy you to adjust the bodice according to how thick you might be up top. Sadly it doesnt fit quite right on me. I'm exceptionally tall and the bodice is very basque so the skirt starts at around my elly botton and the fullness of it makes me look fat around the middle (almost to the point of looking pregnant). Most of my height is in my legs so I did, correctly, assume it aould stop well above my ankles. I just didn't expect the bodice to be so short. I plan on altering it a bit to make it fit better because its worth it.
If this was purely based on how it looks on me it would be a lower rating, but isn't the fault of this amazing dress that i'm past the 6 ft line. I just caution any woman with a long torso or broad shoulders about how it may fit them.
Date Added: 07/16/2012 by Kimberly Parker