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Dark Star Plus Size Black PVC Mini Dress Satin Lace


I just LOVE this corset dress!! It is super sexy and hugs in all the right places! The material is sturdy, and though the boning isn't as heavy duty as I thought it would be, it still seems to hold up quite well, even without the use of the included "bra" straps. After reading the product details, I thought this mini dress would work perfectly as a top, and I was right!!It is SUPER short, so it goes well with pants or a skirt. I'm a bit more on the "modest side" in public, so personally I wouldn't wear it alone without at least leggings, but I am sure for the right person it would be sexy either way! If you love corsets, you will just love this item! I know I do!!! :D
Date Added: 02/21/2014 by Angela Meckley