Plus Size Black Gothic Jacquard Long Coat

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Plus Size Black Gothic Jacquard Long Coat


This Coat is amazing, first lets start with the cloth it is made out of! A well made light brocade that is also satin lined, it feels sinfully good against your skin! There are two deep pockets for carrying you mini purse, keys and anything else you might need for an evening of being out and about! The seems and hems are strong! At one point I stepped back caught my heel in the hem of the coat and was for sure I would have ripped it out, not even one popped seem!! The buttons are darling on this it looks like polished silver with rivet bolts stamped in to it! Very nice. My only complaint I have are actually the buttons. Mine all had strings hanging and I knew what that meant so got my needle and thread and sewed them in place. DO NOT PULL ON THE BUTTON STRINGS OR THE BUTTONS WILL FALL OFF!!!!! But I do not know one person who can not sew on a button! So it is easily remedied. LOVE LOVE LOVE This coat and am dying for you to get it back in Red! To keep the wind off you, or on cooler nights this is the perfect go to coat for adding class to any outfit. 5 skulls would give it ten and buy the red too! LOVE This coat!
Date Added: 09/11/2013 by Carol B. Foley