Attack of the Living Dead "Earl" Color Strain Phase 1


The Armageddon Epidemic has spread out of control. The breach of the “After Life” matter has infected the majority of mankind. The Attack of The Living Dead™ is seemingly unstoppable. All hope is lost for the world we once knew. We can only pray that some of us will survive to carry on.

The Attack of The Living Dead™ 7" action figure assortment is comprised of three test subjects. How long each subject was exposed to the deadly matter determines their color strain and stage of decay.

Earl: Color Strain Phase I has just recently been infected with the virus; the thirst for human flesh has taken over.

Earl features removable squishy bowels that can be stored inside the torso cavity. Advanced articulation allows you to pose this figure in countless undead stances. Awesome pull-apart feature lets you remove Earl's decaying articulated jaw and pull apart his festering torso at the waist!

  • Model: ECSP1
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