Sizing/ Measuring

How To Measure

All of our clothing items are individually measured for proper fit. Please make sure to take measurements as instructed to find the perfect size and fit. Match the measurements you take with the posted measurements for each item, as this will insure proper fitting. All manufacturers do their sizing differently, which is why we hand measure each item. Make sure to use a flexible fabric measuring tape.

1. Bust: This measurement is taken all the way across your breasts at the largest part with a bra on, usually across the nipples. (This is NOT your bra size)

2. Waist: This measurement is taken at the smallest part of your waist. (EMPIRE WAIST)

3. Hips: This measurement is taken all the way around your hips at the largest part of your body.

Personal Shoppers are available to assist you if you need additional help finding the perfect outfit, help with sizing, or general questions as to the fit and style of clothing. Please email us if you have any additional questions.
Customer service is our number 1 priority!