About Us

Who are we, you may ask? We are Mystic Crypt! We here at Mystic Crypt are dedicated to providing our customers with the most unique, hard to find items at ghoulishly great prices. We specialize in the weird, crazy, unusual, and downright hard to find items. Our product line stems from Plus Size Gothic Clothing, Gothic Clothing, Plus Size Rockabilly Clothing, Zombies, Fairies, Gargoyles, Dragons, Living Dead Dolls, Creepy Horror Dolls, Gothic Purses, Gothic Hosiery, Gothic/Horror Toys, Gothic Decor, Skulls, Spiders, Stationary, Halloween Goodies, Gothic and Mystical Inspired Gift Baskets, Gothic Jewelry and more! We are the one stop shop for all your Gothic and mystical needs.

We specialize in Gothic Plus Size Clothing, as many of you know these are the hardest to find. As we grow and expand, we will include clothing in all sizes, but have decided to start with plus size clothing for all you curvy ghouls out there.

Keep in mind we are a specialty store, and love doing special orders, and tracking down those hard to find items for you! Don't see what you are looking for? Just ask us and we will try our best to get it for you!

About the Owner/Founder:

The owner, founder of Mystic Crypt is Jamie Goff, a 36 year old female, Wiccan, Vegetarian, Pisces/Aquarius, BBW, Pierced, Tattooed, Gothic Goddess. Her goal here at Mystic Crypt is to provide all the necessary products that any Goth would love to have in one convenient shopping location. Her inspiration comes from her loving husband, who heard her dream and made it become a reality! Backed by love and support there is nothing that will stop her in achieving her dream. To learn more about Jamie, you may visit her MySpace page, check out her Facebook You can also Like the Mystic Crypt Facebook Page!!


THEMES AND PRODUCTS at www.MysticCrypt.com

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Here are some of the brands of clothing we currently carry, or plan to carry:

Music Legs, Eternal Love, Dark Star, Folter, Lip Service, Tripp NYC, Hell Bunny, Spin Doctor, Dare to Wear, Chic Star, Leg Avenue, Hell Bunny, Spin Doctor.

Here are some of the horror toy Manufacturers we carry:

Mezco Toys, Toynami, Living Dead Dolls, Attack of the Living Dead, Bastet2329 Creepy Dolls, Scarebears, Pocket Full of Posiez, Teddy Scares.

Here are some of the Fairy, Fantasy, and Horror Artists we carry:

Anne Stokes, Bastet2329 Chrisite Creepydolls, Jasmine Beckett Griffith, Amy Brown, Nene Thomas, Josephine Wall, Jessica Galbreth, Delphine Levesque Demers, Sheila Wolk, Julie Fain, Jody Bergsma, Selina Fenech, and Chad Savage.


Here are some of the different Gothic Accessory Brands we carry:

Rock Rebel, Pacific Trading, Hairy Scary, Dreadful Falls, Kreepsville 666, Dark Star Purses, Living Dead Souls.