Plus Size Electra Corset Top in Black Raven

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Plus Size Electra Corset Top in Black Raven


I love this top! I was a little worried about fit, simply because Empire Waste tops don't typically fit me well due to a larger bust size, but this top fit perfectly, and it's actually EXTREMELY flattering. It's got a gorgeous neckline and makes my curves look cute. The material is great too. It's not too thick, nor too thin. It drapes really nicely and isn't clingy at all, so I don't feel like it's showing off any ugly lumps or bumps. My one and only thing to nit-pic at are the sleeves. I thought they were long and straight, but they're actually flaired slightly and stop about 5 inches above my wrists. Don't get me wrong, it looks great, but it was unexpected and I would have prefered long sleeves. But that's my mistake, and it doesn't hinder my love for this top at all. I highly recommend it!
Date Added: 05/11/2013 by Jessica Strathkoetter