Plus Size Gothic Ophelia Corset Top in Burgundy

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Plus Size Gothic Ophelia Corset Top in Burgundy


Of the three tops I ordered, this one was my favorite. My S.O. wasn't too thrilled with the picture, but let me assure you, it does not do the blouse justice. It looks *hot* on.

The only reason I give it four instead of five stars is the fit. Yes, it fits my bust (I'm like a B 1/2, so I wear a C cup), and the waist and hips aren't a problem (listed as free). However, my problem is with the upper arms. Due to the design of the top, the upper arm is supposed to be quite close-fitting, then you've got a little binding, and then the lower part of the sleeve is free and flowy. Gorgeous, right? Yes, but my upper arms are quite large, probably bigger than most, but certainly not all, plus-size people's. Therefore, I can't quite wear it yet. I am in the process of losing drastic amounts of weight (yeah, go me!), so I'm sure in another month or two, it'll fit just fine. Hence why I don't just return it and get a larger size. I wouldn't want to do that, anyway, because then it would be too big in the chest, which wouldn't look very good.

Anyway, love the top, but if you've got big upper arms like me, you might want to e-mail the site and see if you can't get a measurement on the upper arm part BEFORE you order.
Date Added: 12/06/2012 by Kari Willis