Plus Size Burgundy and Black Renaissance Lacing up Corset Top

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Plus Size Burgundy and Black Renaissance Lacing up Corset Top


I have NEVER had a company go out of there way to make me feel as special as I did today receiving your package...... in 2 days I received my order and it was amazing I had 5 items y'all ..... All my items were above the best I could HAVE ever imagined.The quality of my clothes are incredible, the pictures do not do them justice THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL IN PERSON.I must say for a big gal I was worried they wouldn't fit, but let me tell you this, I felt so sexy looking into my mirror because the clothes I got were snug in the right spots and I felt SEXY AS HELL.Thank you so much and this isn't the only thing I was in love with..... the kicker to this shipment is incredible. I ordered this on Feb 3 just before Midnight so basically you could say I ordered in on the 4.. Today is the 5th of February and I have my entire order delivered at once AND Mystic Crypt up graded their shipping without me paying for it extra bonus is I received updated notices on my email with TRACKING.... Now to have an awesome company like this with awesome products and awesome shipping with the Polar weather conditions outside is AMAZING. Thank you, I now have a regular shop I will be purchasing from regularly.~ Many Blessings H. Ciaramitaro
Date Added: 02/05/2014 by HEATHER CIARAMITARO