Black Gothic Fishnet Long Arm Warmers
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Black Gothic Fishnet Long Arm Warmers


OH.MY.GOD. These are amazing! I have big arms. I am a big girl, but let me tell you--I can't wear most jackets because my biceps are so big. I just measured them and they are 19" at the fullest part. When I took these out of the package, I was thinking I had wasted my money because they looked too small. I tried one on anyway, and THEY ACTUALLY FIT! Not only that, but it's not like "I can barely squeeze it on like a sausage casing" but like, as in, comfortable enough to wear all night long. Holy club-wear, Batman! Pardon me, I am about to go buy one of everything they make...
Date Added: 06/13/2014 by Heather Phillips