Plus-Size Black Gothic Rockabilly Organza Petticoat

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Plus-Size Black Gothic Rockabilly Organza Petticoat


Let me first say, I'm a chubby woman. For years I've been looking for a petticoat to give me an extra puff in my cosplay and Victorian wear. I've had a few made and none have worked and I was terrified that this one wouldn't work. But it does! the organza doesn't start until until my mid stomach and gave my skirt that fullness I've been looking for! I put on a bit of weight and scared that it would fit too tight. It's snug but bearable but the AWESOME part is that there's an adjustable draw string. I've read a few review about it being "itchy" but I'm sure with the right shorts and maybe long pants, it shouldn't be a problem. So if you want a nice petticoat for a good price, get this one!
Date Added: 06/16/2014 by K.C. Jackson