Mechanized Steampunk Horned Skull Box

Mechanized Steampunk Horned Skull Box


Mechanized Steampunk Horned Skull Box. This Mechanized Steampunk Skull Box features a surreal touch of steampunk style, as well as the potential to be a great place to store your things, too. Possibly the work of a mad steampunk scientist, this box takes the classic form of the human skull and demonstrates the common steampunk principle of modifying and enhancing everyday things. In terms of this box, the classic human skull has been upgraded with steampunk tech, featuring a half cranium that is laden with steampunk gear mechanisms and machines. The other half is bone with horns. There are cracks in the bone and holes in the mechanisms to allow breathing room for the box. The cranium of the skull also lifts away, revealing a hollow recess within, which is perfect for storing away small trinkets and little treasures. The skull is made entirely from cold cast resin, as well as being hand painted to give it a more realistic and appealing look. Unique in its cyborg steampunk style, this Mechanized Steampunk Skull Box comes to you as not only a great home accent for steampunk styles, but also as a fine place to store away some of your prized possessions and things, too. This figurine Measures: Height: 5 " x Width: 5 " x Depth: 7 "

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