Raven Eating Dead Zombie Skull Head Statue

Raven Eating Dead Zombie Skull Head Statue


Raven Eating Dead Zombie Skull Head Statue. Ravens are an opportunistic group, especially when it comes to a meal. So when you lop off a zombies head, it is very possible that, sooner or later, it will end up just like this Raven Eating Dead Zombie Head Statue – as food for the birds! Of course, that potentially leaves you with another problem, especially if the strain if zombification can infect animals, as zombie birds are just as dangerous as regular zombies (if not more so!). Going beyond that, though, this eerie and gory accent is a visceral little scene in and of itself, and that makes it a stellar piece to have in any zombie or horror setting. The statue depicts a removed zombie head, partially decayed and green of skin, with a raven perched just on top. Part of the skull has already been picked clean, and this raven is doing its part to finish the job, as it clasps and pulls at a piece of meat, stretched up from the zombies cheek. The little decor piece is made entirely from cold cast resin, and it is also hand painted to ensure that no ghoulish detail is neglected. As a statuary, this Raven Eating Dead Zombie Head Statue makes for a great accent piece to have laying in your yard or in a haunted house somewhere, where its high creep factor will make it a key part of your decor, especially in the darker, more horror-oriented seasons of the year. This figurine Measures: Height: 5" x Width: 6 1/2" x Depth: 4"

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