Teddy Scares Hester Golem Zombie Brain Plush Bear
Teddy Scares Hester Golem Zombie Brain Plush Bear

Teddy Scares Hester Golem Zombie Brain Plush Bear


Teddy Scares Hester Golem Zombie Brain Plush Bear

These loveably freaky, ghoulishly cute bears are part of the Teddy Scares family. You don't want to get sick, when this demented orderly is on call! Hester may not be licensed to operate on you, but that won't stop him. Your whimpers will be music to his bug-filled ears. Hester is 8 1/4” tall, irresistibly plush and grossly attired in real fabric clothing, an eerie removable brain (his head opens) and a stained moldy uniform. Each doll is sold separately! Hester is 8 1/4 inches Tall and 6 inches wide. Small plush bear.

Hester Golem Bear Bio

Date of Death: ??/??/??
Hobbies: A ravenous reader and an amateur scientist. If he is not in his lab or scouring the dump for discarded textbooks, he is hanging with his friend Edwin.
Favorite Food: Spoiled poison ivy yogurt and a side of moldy peaches
Goal: To remember
Favorite Place: His haughty club
Known to Say: “Only two things can survive a nuclear holocaust: roaches and Abnormal Cyrus.”
Favorite Color: Sulfur yellow
Bio: Hester Golem is a teddy bear with no past and no future. Made in the 19th century he is older than the rest of his dump mates by a hundred years and it shows. His fur is a rotted mess and his stuffing is nearly gone. Roaches now live inside him, but they are more than filler to this eyeless bear. Hester has the ability to communicate with them and they assist him in his experiments and defend him against predators. His missing stuffing causes another problem for Hester, because stuffing is the teddy bear’s memory bank. Since he has barely any left, what is known about his origins is spotty at best. It also affects him on a daily basis, since he must constantly relearn how to do everything. So far, he has managed to stay ahead of the memory loss and keep it a secret, but it is a losing battle. If he can’t find a way to reverse his deteriorating condition, he will die.

Collect all four!  Alternate picture will show the group photo of all bears, but you will only receive Hester Golem, each is sold separately!

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Teddy Scares Hester Golem Zombie Brain Plush Bear

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